Too Long Away (2011)

Too Long Away cover

  1. Too Long Away
  2. Maybe I’m Crazy
  3. Sweet Baby Mine
  4. Don’t Lie to Me
  5. Pow Wow Trail
  6. A Soldier Cries
  7. Dreams Die Hard
  8. Your Friend


Peacemaker’s Lullaby (2005)

Peacemaker’s Lullaby cover

  1. Earth Song
  2. Ange’s Song
  3. Our Mother
  4. The Ironworker’s Wife
  5. You are Onkwehohweh
  6. Peacemaker’s Lullaby


Love that Strong (1999)


  1. Look to the Earth
  2. Love That Strong
  3. Thirty Years of Tears
  4. You Can’t Rush Love
  5. The Grass Looks Greener (In a White Man’s Yard)
  6. The Tobacco Song
  7. Kan^helatuksra
  8. The Rabbit Dance/Story of Rabbit and the Pussy Willows
  9. Children of the Wild World
  10. I am An Angel
  11. Hester n’ Harvey
  12. The Dance is Done

Hearts of the Nations (1999)


  1. Bone Game Song 
  2. Buffalo Song 
  3. Symphony for Black Crow Woman in E  Minor 
  4. Eskanye Gainase Women's Dance Song  (Hogi Ya Ma He) 
  5. Grandmother Song 
  6. Snow Song 
  7. Myma - Deer Song 
  8. Indian Summer 
  9. Moon of the Singing Frogs 
  10. Look to the Earth 
  11. All the Way to Stomp Dance 
  12. Blessing Song 
  13. Isdzan Binadidzoli  (Spirit/ImmaculateWomen) 
  14. Soul Sisters 
  15. Sleeping Buffalo Stomp Dance 
  16. Travelling Song 

When the Spirit Moves (1993)

When the spirit moves cover

  1. Hand Me Down Memories
  2. Dream Train
  3. Always Young
  4. Just Pretending
  5. When the Spirit Moves Me
  6. I Looked for You
  7. Steelworking Man
  8. Josie
  9. Will You Love Me Still
  10. Some Morning Soon


Legends: I Am An Eagle (1995)

Legends: I am an Eagle cover

A Mix of Contemporary and Traditional Native Music with Legends told by Native Story Tellers.

In Seneca, English, Mushkeego Cree, Mohican, and Oddawa.

Conceived, produced and arranged by John James Stewart.

Various singers, chanters, drummers, and storytellers: Leland Bell (aka  Bebaminojmat), Betsy and Sadie Buck, Bow Crawford (aka White Eagle), Gloria Eshibok, Pura Fe, ElizaBeth Hill, Jenny, Bill Miller, Monique Sawanas, Soni, Wapistan. Bill Miller, The Legends Band.


"Letting Go" narrated by ElizaBeth Hill

A very powerful story of healing from grief.

Mohawk native legend, from the album:
Legends: I Am An Eagle
Narrated by various Native Story Tellers.

Produced by John James Stewart, 1993. 


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